British newspaper: Turkish attack on northern Syria will backfire on Ankara

The British Independent newspaper that the Turkish occupation attack on northern and eastern Syria, will be counterproductive to Turkey, and pointed out that almost the entire world condemns the Turkish attack.

Irish writer Patrick Cockburn has published an article in the British Independent newspaper in which he talked about the Turkish attack on northern Syria, and said that this attack would be counterproductive for Turkey amid widespread international condemnation.

The Turkish adventure in Syria will turn against Erdogan, as the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries advance very slowly in northern and eastern Syria, as well as Turkish military options that have become increasingly limited because the Syrian army, with the support of Russia, is moving to cities and towns it control of that SDF may be targeted by Turkish forces.

Erdogan is unlikely to risk attacking the Syrian regime's forces, even if they are few on the ground, because they would embarrass Russia. As seven days after the Turkish attack on northern Syria, Ankara has become more diplomatically isolated than Ankara might envision.

A week after the tacit US approval of the Turkish attack, Trump began to impose economic sanctions on Ankara after a sharp twist in US policy in the region.

The whole world condemns almost the Turkish attack, where Turkish military commentators point out that after the Kurds and Damascus reached an agreement, they do not believe that Ankara would dare to open a new front against the Syrian regime forces.

The writer highlights the high global media coverage regarding the Turkish attack on northern Syria, where the Turkish attack on the Syrian city of Afrin was not so large.

"With regard to Turkish public opinion, the focus remains on Turkish military success, but from now on, this will not bring any political benefits to Erdogan."



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