Brussels conference on Syria will be held via video link next month

European Union foreign policy spokesman Peter Stano said that the fourth edition of the international conference on supporting the future of Syria and the region will be held via video circles on June 30.

"The aim of the meeting is to discuss more support for refugees and neighboring countries that have received these refugees, and have been affected by the conflict in Syria, as well as to discuss a political solution to ending the conflict," European Union foreign policy spokesman Peter Stano told the Middle East newspaper.

Stano avoided answering a question about who had been invited by the European Union to participate, as the initiator of this conference.

Stano referred to the statements of European Foreign Policy Coordinator Josep Borrell, at the conclusion of meetings of foreign ministers of the European Union countries, which were held via video circles last week, as he briefed the ministers on the ongoing preparations for the fourth conference, on supporting the future of Syria and the region.

He added that this conference will be an opportunity to make ambitious pledges and express support for a credible political solution to the Syrian conflict and the mediation of the United Nations.

Last September, the European Union published a report on progress made in implementing the commitments of the parties that participated in the third Brussels Conference on Supporting Syria and the region.

The European report stated that for 2019, donors have already contributed 92% of pledges, or $ 6.4 billion, to provide financing in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria.

As for the year 2020, a European statement said that only 32% of the pledges were fulfilled, and this percentage reaches 752 million dollars.

During the Brussels conference, the participants pledged to allocate $ 7 billion to help Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, as well as citizens inside the countries affected by the conflict, for the year 2019, in addition to $ 2.4 billion for 2020, and international financial institutions and donors announced loans amounting to 21 billion for 2019 and beyond.

A few days ago, the European Commission published in Brussels, detailed instructions, on how to send humanitarian aid related to coronavirus to countries and regions that are subject to European Union sanctions, including Syria.



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