Building occupation wall is ongoing in Afrin

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries destroyed hundreds of homes in the region between Kimar and Meryamin villages where they are building the occupation wall in preparation to annex Afrin to Turkey.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the occupied Afrin canton are trying since a year and a half to occupy the region by building the occupation wall starting from the vicinity of Sheraw district villages.

The length of the wall rached more than 3,600 m and its high reached 3 m and the wall extends from Kimar village vicinity passing by Jelbera village of Sherawa district and Meryamin village of Shera district.

Building the occupation wall resulted in destroying hundreds of the homes in the mentioned villages specially Jelbra village which is completely destroyed now.

The occupation army and its mercenaries deliberately tried to establish a military headquarters in the destroyed homes places.

Building the occupation wall comes in line with the policy of demographic change followed by the Turkish occupation in the occupied Afrin in preparation for occupying it after annexing it to Turkey.



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