Cable of congratulations from Party of Modernity and Democracy for Syria to Yazidi community

(Party of Modernity and Democracy for Syria) congratulated the Red Wednesday celebrations for the Yazidi community.

This came by a congratulatory cable issued by the party which said:

"On the occasion of the Red Wednesday, which our people of the Yazidi component celebrates, our party offers the most sincere congratulations and the deepest wishes for that great component in its presence which interacted with each component or religious neighbors.

The party believes in the values ​​of coexistence and philosophical tolerance of the rights and freedom of people in relation to the spirit. It affirms that the Yezidis are a vital factor in the sociology of the Syrian presence. It ensures that this multicultural society and its great influence in the inauguration of human civilization contributed to the crystallization of the first spiritual experiences of man in its most magical dimensions and depth and extension.

Happy New Year for all the Yazidi people and for all Syrians ."




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