Catherine Jaber: Turkey's moves are failure; 3 reasons will lead to its exit from Syria

The journalist and political researcher at the Sorbonne French University Catherine Jaber confirmed that Turkey opening several fronts in the region is a failure as it seeks to blackmail the West in other regions to take what it wants in Syria, and pointed out that Turkey's survival in NATO is no longer guaranteed, and Russia is procrastinating with Turkey till achieving its interests, and the journalist put 3 reasons that will lead to the exit of Turkey from Syria.

Turkey has intensified its movements and interventions in the countries of the region, from Syria to Iraq and Cyprus, in addition to fabricating a lot of problems.

Turkey is now facing US and European pressure against the backdrop of the stubbornness of the Erdogan government to buy the Russian S-400 and oil and gas exploration in the Cyprus region, which could lead to the collapse of relations between Ankara and Washington and behind it Europe, and to try to understand what is happening, Hawar News Agency interviewed the journalist and political researcher at the French Sorbonne University, Catherine Jaber.

Turkey's moves are failure

"Turkey has lost on many fronts, including the fall of the regimes that were part of its policy in the Middle East. It was therefore difficult for Erdogan to see the dream of the Islamic caliphate and the restoration of the glory of the Ottoman Empire," said journalist Catherine Jaber, especially after the decline of the popularity of his party (Justice and Development) at home, so he revived the file of exploration in the waters of the Mediterranean and direct military intervention in Libya.

Turkey is blackmailing the West elsewhere to take what it wants in Syria

"All the tactical decisions taken by Ankara to try to preserve a little of its regional status, appear in the external shell of serious strategic attempts, but in fact within the many failures, first Turkey has been harassing all regional and international forces, which can lead to its gradual isolation, use of political blackmail in exchange for bargaining in Syria is clear. Its policy has become clear to all. After its operation in Afrin, and followed by the ambitions to invade northeastern Syria, it is the most important objective of the Turkish leadership at present. In other conflicts to get what they want in Syria, which is rejected by Western countries, stressing the need for a political solution in Syria, and that the decision remains in the hands of the Syrians alone.

Turkey's survival in NATO not guaranteed; Russia procrastinates till its interests are achieved

On the subject of American and European pressures and sanctions on Turkey, the researcher at the French Sorbonne University said: "Washington and Europe have threatened Ankara with sanctions and implemented these threats. The European Union took a package of decisions on this matter last Monday to reduce diplomatic cooperation with Turkey, the European Fund, about 140 million euros, and the cancellation of some of the air deals that were expected to be held, Washington for its part also canceled the deal F-35 aircraft and estimated losses in this regard about one and a half million dollars and vowed to impose additional sanctions, all this will have repercussions on the Turkish economy, especially after the collapse of the Turkish currency as well as Turkey staying in the North Atlantic, that is, NATO is not guaranteed not to mention the loss of the dream of joining the European Union. "

"Ankara at this point is considering its strategic priorities, Syria and the borders of southeastern Turkey has become the most urgent for them, so Ankara realized that its alliance with Russia in this particular issue is indispensable because Moscow has become the most influential force in Syria, Ankara is looking for any trump card in Syria, so it bought the Russian missile deal S400 and its preference at the expense of the American weapons specifically at this time to win the Russians, although the ambitions of Turkey sour the Russian targets in Syria, but Moscow pursues long-term policy and lags with all parties in the Syrian war until the completion of the achievement of its objectives."

Three reasons for Turkey's exit from Syria

"In my opinion, any Turkish attempt to re-ignite the war in the Syrian north is a failure and its exit is inevitable from Syrian territory for three main reasons. On the one hand, it is facing Kurdish and Arab fighters within the Syrian forces," said journalist and researcher at the Sorbonne University Catherine Jaber, "which Turkey is aware of their courage to defend themselves and their lands so that their financial and human losses will be heavy, especially after the elimination of the armed opposition affiliated with it and was fighting for its interests. "

"In addition to the fact that the international community will not give up the Kurds, especially after the great role they played in the elimination of Daesh organization, and therefore must bow to political solutions and settle their affairs in a peaceful way, the second reason, the regime is about to control all Syrian territory with Russian support, while the third reason is the principle of "equality" between all parties, there is a general desire to get the Iranian player out of the dilemma and thus will have to withdraw the other parties to resolve the crisis and the first of which is Turkey."



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