Citizen from al-Bab: harsh living conditions, chaos, demographic change in occupied areas

A resident of the occupied city of al-Bab, north-east of Aleppo, who lives in al-Shahba canton, said that the residents in the areas occupied by Turkey suffer from difficult conditions in their daily lives, not to mention the security chaos, in addition to harassing the indigenous people in order to displace them from their homes.

Citizen Hussein, even if he was a resident of the occupied city of al-Bab, talked about the situation in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries and what it is doing against the indigenous people from Jarablus to Idlib.

Living conditions in the occupied areas

Regarding the living situation, Hussein Walo reported that the living situation turns to get worse, with exchange rates rising against foreign currencies and the Turkish occupation imposing the Turkish currency on citizens, which increased the suffering of citizens, adding that the simplest elements of life, such as bread, are missing and very expensive.

He pointed out that the leaders of the mercenary factions stole the aid provided by humanitarian organizations.

The citizen Hussien Walo added, "With the spread of the coronavirus in most of the Syrian regions, especially in the occupied areas, the number of cases of the virus has risen, and the occupied areas lack the basic necessities of life such as food, medicine and sterile materials.

The security situation in the areas occupied by Turkey and its terrorist mercenaries

On the security situation in the occupied territories, Hussein Walo explained, that the occupied areas are witnessing a state of chaos and security chaos, by passing cars and motorcycles exploded among civilians almost daily, by the Turkish occupation and through its intelligence institutions (MIT) in order to destabilize the region and spread chaos It accuses other parties of it.

Hussein noted that the explosive devices that are placed in the cars of mercenary leaders are a process of liquidating the leaders of the mercenary factions that oppose the Turkish occupation policies in the occupied territories.

On the fighting that takes place between mercenary groups with heavy weapons in the occupied territories permanently, Hussein pointed out that even if the fighting takes place either because of disputes over the sharing of stolen goods or liquidations between mercenaries.

He added that even if the kidnappings increased in the occupied areas, with the aim of imposing financial ransom on the citizens and harassing them with the aim of leaving their homes and displacing them to other areas in Syria.

Leadership targeting ISIS mercenaries in the occupied territories

In the recent period, targeting of personalities in the occupied territories has increased, previously working for ISIS mercenaries, before being eliminated in their last stronghold in al-Baghuz town by the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF and the International Coalition.

He pointed out that the elements of ISIS mercenaries are deployed in the occupied areas, where these mercenaries were targeted by drones of the International Coalition, and emphasized that the targeting of the leaders of the first row of ISIS mercenaries in the occupied areas by the International Coalition shows that the areas occupied by Turkey are hotbeds of terrorists, because it contains leaders of ISIS mercenaries, it also reveals the relationship between the Turkish state and ISIS.

Citizen Hussein indicated that even if the Turkish state is restructuring ISIS mercenaries, and training them in its regions, to use them as a pressure card on the international community and European countries.

Why does the Turkish occupation support the mercenaries of the Turkmen factions in the occupied areas?

He explained that the Turkish occupation intended to establish a Turkmen party in the occupied areas and promote it and support its militants, to exploit the living situation in those areas and exploit the citizens by providing them with assistance, and to include them in the Turkmen parties and factions that work in favor of the Turkish occupation.

The Turkish occupation also intends to hold meetings for these people, and to convince them that the regions are Turkmen and not Syria, with the aim of changing the demography of the occupied areas.

He pointed out that even if the Turkish occupation and the Turkmen parties that work for them, they rely on the old fake records of the Turkish occupation during the Ottoman occupation to convince civilians that it is Turkish territory.

Suppressing demonstrations condemning the policy of the Turkish occupation in the occupied territories

Because of the poor living and security situation and the Turkish occupation policies against the indigenous people, the people took to the streets to protest against the Turkish state’s occupation policy. Several demonstrations and popular movements took place in those areas, but they were suppressed by the Turkish occupation and mercenaries loyal to it.

Hussein appealed to human and human rights organizations to open the files of violations and crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against civilians in the occupied areas, the demographic changes that the Turkish occupation pursues and to make Turkification policy in the region.



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