Citizens: Ocalan's thought opened way for us to know women's reality

A number of people from ed-Dirbasiyya district said that Ocalan devoted his life for the freedom and safety of his people and co-existence, and stressed that they are following his approach and philosophy until his freedom is achieved.

Our agency, ANHA held meetings with residents of ed-Dirbasiyya district of al-Hasakah canton. They called on the international community and Human Rights organizations to work to lift the isolation on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and release him from Imrali prison.

Salem al-Salem denounced the isolation imposed on Ocalan and said, "Although the Turkish state has been imposing a severe isolation on the leader since years, it was not able to undermine his ideology and philosophy which had spread around the world. We have achieved many victories in the north and east of Syria because we depended on his ideology, as his ideology is international. The leader demands all the rights of oppressed peoples and not the Kurdish people in particular."

Fatima Kalash said, "The leader Abdullah Ocalan is deprived of the right to meet with his family and his lawyers. We condemn the practices of the Turkish occupation that imposes this isolation."

Fatima continued, "The leader brought women out of the oppression of the years, and of the male mentality. Thanks to the writings of the leader, the women in the north of Syria identified themselves."

Mahmoud Remo wondered: "Why do the international community and Human Rights organizations stand still in front of the isolation imposed by the Turkish state on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan? Ocalan's thought opened the way for us to see the reality of women and equality between them and men."

At the end of his speech, Remo called on the international community and Human Rights organizations to act and end the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people leader and to achieve his freedom.


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