Clashes in "De-escalation," killed, injured of government forces, Turkey's mercenaries

The fighting intensified between the Syrian government forces and Turkey's mercenaries in the so-called De-escalation zone. In this context, many elements of the two parties were killed and injured as a result of the violent clashes.

he Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored violent clashes that took place between the Turkish mercenaries on the one hand and the government forces on the other hand on the axis of al-Fatira village in Jabal al-Zawiyya in Idlib southern countryside in an attempt by the latter to infiltrate into the initial  sites.

The battles resulted in killing 3 members of the government forces and wounding 3 others, in addition to the killing of 2 mercenaries.

In a related context, Russian reconnaissance planes  hovered over the Syrian-Turkish border from the areas of Sarmada, Dana and Deir Hassan, reaching the western countryside of Aleppo.

The Syrian Observatory monitored yesterday evening a missile strike carried out by mercenaries, "Al-Fateh al-Mubin operations room" targeting heavy weapons concentrations of the government forces in the vicinity of Kafr Nbul in Idlib countryside.


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