Components of Gire Spi: We to not allow Erdogan to revive terrorism in our safe areas

A number of members of the Turkmen and Armenian components in Gire Spi / Tel Abyad Canton said that they will not give up their land for the benefit of Turkey, and stressed their rejection of repeated Turkish interventions on Syria.

The Turkish occupation state continues to interfere in Syrian internal affairs and reiterates its threats to attack the Syrian territory in the northeast of the country, in clear defiance of international laws that prohibit one state from attacking the territory of another country.

Moreover, Turkey ignores the widespread popular rejection in northeastern Syria towards Turkish policies, as the people of these areas confirm their rejection of any new Turkish intervention in Syrian territory, and stress the need to manage themselves away from outside interference.

The Hawar news agency monitored the views of a number of members of the Armenian and Turkmen components of Gire Spi Canton on this subject.

"Turkish President Erdogan's policy is unacceptable," Turki al-Khalil, who is from Turkmen component said, "All the components live peacefully in the canton. The AKP says it wants to protect the Turkmen."

"Since the beginning of the crisis, Erdogan has used the crisis to target the Kurdish component, but this component is a fabric that exists between us and we live together with all love. Where is the problem?"

"We are the owners of this land and not as Turkey claims. We reject Turkish interference in our affairs, Turkey would exterminate the people of the region if it occupied it as it did before the Ottomans when it massacred the Armenians " Sonia Sanusian of the Armenian component.

"Erdogan is claiming that the people in Gire Spi now are not the owners of this land, this is completely untrue," Hamdan of the Turkmen component said.

"We defeated terrorism and took it out of our land with the blood of our children, who joined forces to drive out the largest terrorist groups on earth. We will not allow Erdogan to bring and revive terrorism in our regions," he said.



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