Confessions of woman of Daesh participated in several bombings

(A.B) who is a woman of Daesh was assigned to carry out various tasks within the sleeper cells of Daesh mercenaries, and recently prepared to carry out terrorist operations in Qamishlo canton on the morning of Eid al-Adha.

Daesh's sleeper cells have intensified their activities in northern and eastern Syria following threats by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to occupy northeastern Syria, particularly in al-Jazeera region, where several bombings have taken place in a number of major cities, including al-Hasakah, Qamishlo cantons and more recently in Terbispia district.

In the aftermath of the bombings and terrorist acts in several cities in al-Jazeera canton, the Anti-Terrorist Forces launched a systematic campaign against sleeper cells, and managed to arrest several sleeper cells belonging to the mercenaries of Daesh, including (A.B) and (F.A), who committed terrorist acts targeted the city of Qamishlo, including the bombing that targeted the Church of the Virgin on July 11 in al-Westa Neighborhood of the city of Qamishlo, and the bombing that targeted a center for Internal Security Forces in Qedorbek on June 17 last.

Following the investigations conducted by the Anti-Terrorist Forces and those arrested in connection with these terrorist acts, Hawar agency was able to obtain official and exclusive permission to meet with a cell member who committed a number of terrorist acts in the city of Qamishlo, and was seeking to carry out an operation on the morning of Eid al-Adha known as (A.B).

As for our correspondent's monitoring of the situation and the talk of one of the members of the detained cell, we can conclude that the mercenaries of Daesh and its cells are using new methods to commit their terrorist acts, in the cities and towns of northern and eastern Syria. She was arrested at the western entrance to the city of Qamishlo.

She born in 1997, from the village of (A) ..., belonging to the town of al-Shadadi, south of al-Hasakah canton in northeastern Syria, is the wife of the member of Daesh Muhammad Ali al-Issa, who was killed in the battles against   the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the liberations operations of the northern villages of al-Raqqa in February 2017.

She has gotten to know to ISIS mercenaries and its approach after the mercenaries took control of al- Shadadi town at the end of 2014, and then adhered to the teachings and decisions issued by the mercenaries, but it was not enough to join in their ranks, to join after she married Muhammad Ali Residents of the town of al-Shadadi in July 2015, then her story begins with ISIS mercenaries within the territory of the so-called "land of the caliphate."

She  says about her missions and her husband in the ranks of mercenaries

"After our marriage for 6 months at the beginning of 2016 we moved to Deir ez-Zor city areas of the country, my husband worked there initially within the ranks of Daesh along with the Chechen immigrants, and due to the nature of his work with Chechnya we moved from Deir ez-Zor after staying for two months, to the city of Nineveh, we settled in Iraq for four months, and then in the same year 2016 we moved to the city of al-Raqqa to join the army of the Sawarm Brigade, which was involved in booby-trapping, he continued within the Sawarm Brigade until he was killed in February 2017 in an area south of al-Raqqa during the military operations. ''

After the death of my husband, after the birth of my child Muhammad, I moved with my brother-in-law, who lost parts of his body, leg and hand in the ranks of Daesh in May 2017 to al-Basira area of ​​Deir ez-Zor due to the military operations, then to Shehil, eventually in Hajin area, our movements were from one place to another due to the US and SDF operations against Daesh.

On the mechanism of her exit from the area of ​​Hajin and return to her home in al-Shadadi, she noted that it came out in the form of civilians fleeing areas of ISIS mercenaries, and said, "through some smugglers who took us out of the region in the form of civilians, not belonging to the families of the state, and was able to reach the families of my husband In the town of al-Shadadi November 2017 ".

The losses inflicted on ISIS mercenaries from Manbij to their last strongholds in al-Baguoz were not lost on the mind of this woman and she did not  abandon the approach and thought of ISIS. And settle with its people who were displaced from al-Shadadi to Qamishlo, after ISIS occupied al-Shadadi in late 2014.

Since the beginning of 2019, (B.A) has joined ISIS mercenaries sleeper cells through the member of the cell (F.A), a close friend of the family, and a resident of Amouda district of Qamishlo canton, who was arrested with her by the Counter-Terrorism Forces at the entrance to the western city of Qamishlo, according to information reported to us by (B.A) which said this information "I know only that he lives in the city of Amuda, he was sending me instructions, by telephone."

She has been assigned various tasks, which are summarized in three main tasks, investigating and photographing military points in the city, securing and smuggling weapons from the areas of Hajin to Qamishlo city for the rest of the cell members, and the last is the booby-trapped points in the city of Qamishlo, the latest of which is the implementation of a terrorist operation during the days of Eid al-Adha.

Speaking to the Hawar Agency, she unveiled the terrorist operations carried out by her cell in the city of Qamishlo there were 2 operations the first carried out in the church of al-Westa Neighborhood by (F.A) on July 8. The second took place near the security forces' center at Sony Roundabout in the city on June 17, claiming that the F.A had told her that they had carried out the bombings without informing her.

Regarding the arrest, the authorities and security authorities did not allow us to discuss the details of the arrest, in order to preserve some confidential information that may reveal the plans that these authorities will carry out in the future with other terrorist cells.

 However, the authorities confirmed the attempted of the woman (B.A) to commit a terrorist operation on the morning of Eid al-Adha. This cell was arrested at the entrance of the western city of Qamishlo.

The same authorities did not allow access to the other member of the cell called (F.A), for reasons where they confirmed the continuation of investigations and interrogations.



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