Constitutional committee ignored 5 million live in N, E of Syria

The representative of the Syrian Modernity and Democracy Party in the area of ​​Serê Kaniyê, considered the mechanism of forming the Constitutional Committee a great prejudice against the components of the region, ignoring 5 million people, and a third of the area of ​​Syrian geography.

'The drafting of the new constitution does not give new just political rules'

The representative of the Party of Modernity and Democracy Fatima Mousa, explained that the exclusion that is still subjected to the people of northern and eastern Syria is under pressure from the Turkish occupation state, said: "That exclusion threatens to undermine every step taken by the international community to end the Syrian pain."

"The drafting of the new constitution will not lead to a new democratic homeland and no new just political bases that can protect the Syrian regions without the participation of all societal forces in the drafting of their social democratic contract with each other," Mousa said.

"Who could replace the components and power of the Syrian north that defeated extremism and ended the danger that the whole world was facing with legendary sacrifices,

'The new Constitution will have no effectiveness and legitimacy'

Fatima Musa noted that the failure to involve the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria in the Constitutional Committee and negotiations to resolve the Syrian crisis is a major prejudice against the components of the region, ignoring 5 million inhabitants, and one third of the Syrian geography."

Fatima Moussa denounced this measure, stressing at the end of her talk, that this committee will not have any effectiveness, and will not be any legitimacy of this constitution, and the administration of northern and eastern Syria, which has done a lot to fight and defeat terrorism is not concerned with this constitution, "so everyone should take into account the participation of AA by the new constitution."



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