Corona Virus: New Deaths and infections in Palestine and Israel

Today, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 293 new Corona infections and 4 deaths were reported in the West Bank governorates, while Israel recorded 1,681 new infections.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that it had registered 293 new cases of coronavirus in the West Bank governorates, in addition to 4 new deaths and 59 recovery cases.

The ministry revealed that 18 cases are in the intensive care, ranging in degree of seriousness, adding: "The total number of active cases with the virus has reached 6,372 cases, and the number of recoveries is 1317, while the deaths amounted to 45 cases so far.

In the same regard, the Israeli Ministry of Health recorded, in the morning, 1,681 new cases of Coronavirus, while the outcome of serious infections was 177.

According to the media, the ministry said, "The number of active cases is 21,393."

Israel recorded 41040 cases since the outbreak of the virus was announced in the country last March, while the death toll reached 368 deaths without recording new deaths in the last hour.

According to medical reports, information indicates that since the beginning of July and until now, the country recorded 15525 cases of corona, which is similar to the outcome recorded in March and April, and reached 15,892 cases, which means that the virus doubles itself every 12 days.

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