Coronavirus: 500 new infections in Israel, 67 in Palestine

The Israeli Ministry of Health registered 500 new cases of coronavirus by the end of Friday, while the Palestinian Ministry of Health registered 67 new cases in the West Bank governorates.

Israeli media reported, quoting the Ministry of Health, that 500 new cases of coronavirus were registered as of the end of Friday, bringing the total cases of the virus in Israel to 22,800, including 16,872 and 314 deaths.

Medical reports indicated that during the last week, health recorded 2,395 cases of coronavirus in the country, more than all the cases recorded last May.

In light of this large increase, Israeli sources said that the mini cabinet of Corona Affairs ("Cabinet Corona") will meet tomorrow, Sunday, to discuss the possibility of canceling the facilities and reverting to the previous general restrictions.

In the same context, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 67 cases of Corona virus, this morning, in the governorates of the West Bank.

And added that the number of active cases has become 1,237 cases, among which 11 serious cases have been admitted to the intensive care rooms.

The total number of casualties since the beginning of the pandemic reached 1862, including 620 recoveries and 5 deaths.



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