Current stage requires mass popular uprising against occupation

A member of the Office of Relations of the Syrian Democratic Council-Aleppo branch Fatima Hasino confirmed that the Turkish practices in the occupied areas from Syria "confirms its endeavor to repeat the model of the Iskenderun area in the region, so the current stage requires a popular uprising against the occupation.

This came in response to the Turkish violations in all occupied Syrian territories, where Fatima discussed the danger of the stage "exploited by the Turkish government to achieve its agendas through its mercenaries."

Hasino began her speech by stressing that the Turkish intervention in Syria has complicated the scene in Syria from chaos and economic stagnation "after Turkey stole all the plants of Aleppo and continue to loot the goods of the homeland in northwestern Syria.

As for the Turkish attacks on the Syrian heritage, Fatima said, "Afrin was a real seed for the democratic project. The Turkish occupation bombed archeological and sites to obliterate the Syrian identity in the region by uprooting the archaeological sites and smuggling artifacts to Turkish museums, this is unacceptable.

Hasino pointed out that the aim of the "immoral" practices in the occupied territories is "to displace the indigenous people, rob the entire land and repeat the scenario of the Iskenderun area, which requires a mass popular revolution against these Turkish policies.

Hasino noted that they are now opening the way for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue "to find a solution to this crisis away from external colonial interventions.

At the end of her speech, Fatima Hasino said: "We have always worked since we started to resolve the Syrian crisis through dialogue with the patriots, sitting around a table of dialogue with all the Syrian parties without excluding anyone. The dialogues that are carried out by the members of the council in Austria and the whole of Europe with the patriots are the completion of our work in finding a solution to the crisis.


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