Daesh must be tried in place of offense

The jurist and lawyer Khalid Abdullah highlighted the issue of the spatial specialization of trials, which requires the trial of the accused in the "place of the offense", while talking about the subject of the trial of Daesh mercenaries. Abdullah pointed out to the Legislative Council in the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria that he is seeking to enact a law to prosecute mercenaries, based on this principle.

As for the trial of foreign mercenaries who came to Syria from all sides and joined the ranks of Daesh, SDF and the peoples of north and east Syria called for the prosecution of these mercenaries in the "place of the offense" and the maximum penalties for murder and destruction.

Our agency ANHA conducted an interview with lawyer Khalid Abdullah to talk about the subject. Abdullah called for the establishment of a court under international supervision to prosecute Daesh elements in the north and east of Syria, where the people have organized themselves as plaintiff because they are directly affected by the crimes of mercenaries.

In the beginning, the lawyer Khalid Abdullah referred to what the people of north and east of Syria and Syria in general have faced the threat of international terrorism represented by mercenary groups, especially Daesh mercenaries, who came from all parts of the world and imposed themselves and their religion on the peoples of the region with violence, murder and slaughter.


"In the north and east of Syria, there are no specialized courts to try foreign mercenaries," he said. "However, the Democratic Autonomous Administration, represented by its legislature, seeks to enact laws to try mercenaries, especially foreigners, according to international law.

Abdullah explained that the law prepared by the Legislative Council in northern and eastern Syria allows the accused to defend himself through lawyers, but according to the evidence, under which the people have the right to issue a decision against the accused.

There will be international laws and lawyers involved in this process

He said, "We hope all international and regional parties can help establish the legal foundations, establish special mechanisms to try the criminals who have come to us from their country, and their countries should bear,", the lawyer, told international lawyers to be responsible and participated in the judicial process.

Foreign terrorists will be held accountable under the "Place of the offense"

Lawyer Khalid Abdullah explained that in the legal and judicial traditions there is a law of international human rights law relating to the allocation of the spatial specialization of the courts or the "place of the offense", which means the allocation of the place according to the place where the crime took place. Therefore, this law is the rule that applies to criminals who have been arrested, surrendered or committed crimes on Syrian land and will be prosecuted under the local laws issued by the party or owner of the land for which the offense was committed.

Everyone should contribute to the development of a law and the establishment of courts to try terrorists

In conclusion, lawyer Khaled Abdullah said that all experienced jurists, lawyers and judges must be responsible in this matter and uphold the principle of social justice, the application of laws and deterrence of criminals, and the establishment of an international tribunal to try terrorism.



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