Daily clashes continue northwest of Tal Tamr

The correspondent of "Hawar" news agency in Tal Tamer said that sporadic clashes with heavy weapons have been taking place for nearly a week between the mercenary factions of the Turkish occupation in the sub-district, while a source noted that the cause of the clashes is disagreements over the stolen items and civilian property.

Villages located in the northwestern countryside of Tal Tamer district in Al-Hasakah canton have witnessed daily clashes between mercenary factions for nearly a week.

These differences emerge against the background of disputes over the stolen goods and civilian property, according to local sources in those villages.

And our correspondent indicated that about a week ago, clashes broke out in the villages of Al-Qasimia and Al-Reyhaniya, located northwest of Tal Tamr district, 5 km away, which are under the control of Sultan Murad's mercenaries and the mercenaries of the Jayish al-Islam.

And our correspondent explained, that the clashes always occured in the late hours of the night, the last of which was the violent fighting that took place after midnight yesterday.

He added, "The clashes always resulted in deaths and injuries in their ranks, and machine-gun and heavy weapons such as mortars and RBC shells were used."

For his part, a military source from the Syriac Military Council, stationed in the village of Tal Kifji, west of Tal Tamr district, indicated that the clashes were over the stolen items and civilian property in those empty villages.

The military source indicated to ANHA, that the mercenaries have been stealing the property of civilians in those villages for more than four days and sending them to their military points or their warehouses within the occupied city of Serêkaniyê.

It should be noted that the village of “Rihaniyya” witnessed on the 5th of September the mercenary factions detonated a car bomb in one of the military barracks of another faction, which indicates the increase in tensions between the mercenaries and their incompatibility with each other.



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