Danish foreign minister to SDC delegation: SDF protected the world

The Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod received a delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), which included the Co-chair Riyad Derar and the Executive Body’s Head Ilham Ahmed, in addition to the representative of North and East Syria in Denmark to discuss the Syrian general affairs, especially the situations in northeastern Syria and the recent Turkish invasion.

According to the official website of the Syrian Democratic Council, the delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council conveyed the disastrous humanitarian situation brought about by the Turkish attack, and the Turkish state deliberately changed the composition of the area through ethnic cleansing operations carried out by the Turkish state in northern Syria.

The meeting dealt with the Turkish attack on the cities and villages of northern Syria, undermining the state of calm and security that used to be prevailed in the areas of northeastern Syria and the continuation of the Turkish state and its mercenaries violating the ceasefire agreement and targeting the civilians.                                                                              

The delegation also discussed the need to involve the Council in any political process that would put an end to the eight years of Syrian bloodshed.

For his part, the Danish Foreign Minister affirmed his government's understanding of all the issues discussed, stressing his country's continued support for the SDF. He said, “These forces protected us and the world from terrorism, they are an allied force, and we condemned and condemn the Turkish invasion of the region.”

In a related context, the delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council met with the Foreign Affairs Authority of the Danish Parliament, which included all the political parties involved during which they discussed many of the issues that dominated the stage and going through the north and east of Syria, especially the Turkish hostile role towards the components of the Syrian people.

As part of the delegation's two-day visit, which was attended by more than 200 members of the Syrian and Kurdish community in Denmark, a seminar was held in the capital Copenhagen on the latest developments in Syria, particularly in the north and east, and the role of the Syrian Democratic Council in the Syrian solution and its national and democratic projects for the future Syria. There were discussions and questions during which the delegation of the Council responded and clarified many issues for the members of the Kurdish and Syrian community in the Danish Kingdom.

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