De-escalation zone exposed to aerial shelling for 3rd days consecutively

Aerial bombardments renewed for the third consecutive day in the so-called “De-escalation” zone, where Russian warplanes carried out raids on Sad al-Shugar area in the western countryside of Idlib, as security chaos continued in areas controlled by Turkish-backed mercenaries.

The new cease-fire entered the area called “De-escalation” in the area extending from the northeastern Lattakia Mountains to the northwestern suburbs of Aleppo city, passing through Hama and Idlib countryside, for the 13th consecutive day.

After midnight on Wednesday and Thursday, places in Maarat Harmah, Kafarsijnah, al--Fatira, Umm Jalal farms and areas in the eastern countryside of Maarat al-Nouman were bombed by regime forces. The bombardment also hit Zammar and Jazraya axis in southern countryside of Aleppo, in conjunction with reconnaissance planes hovering over the sky in the eastern region. For the “D-escalation” area.

Russian warplanes carried out raids on the al-Shugar area in the western countryside of Idlib, a few kilometers from the border with Turkey.

As security chaos continues within the areas occupied by the mercenaries of HTS supported by Turkey, where an explosion in the town of Saraqeb east of Idlib after midnight on Wednesday-Thursday, caused by explosive device inside a shop in the market of the town, causing material damage, without information about casualties.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored on the 12th day of the ceasefire, the return of aerial bombardment to the area of ​​"De-escalation", where the aircraft targeted several raids in al-Dahar area south of the city of Darkush at the border with the Iskenderun, as well as several airstrikes on the eastern outskirts of the city of Kafr Tkharim, and the village Kfarmares in Jabal al-Summaq in the northwestern countryside of Idlib.



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