Defense Office: We are already aware of details of the joint patrols

The co -chair of the Defense Office, Zaidan al-Assi, confirmed that their forces are committed to implementing the tripartite agreement regarding border security, pointing out that they are fully aware of the number of patrols and the axis of their tour through coordination with the Turkish side through the International Coalition Forces.

 Zaidan al-Assi, the co-chair of the Defense Office in the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, made the remarks during a meeting with our agency (ANHA) to talk about the security mechanism that was recently agreed upon and started to be implemented on the Syrian-Turkish border in northern Syria.

Zaidan al-Assi affirmed their full commitment to the tripartite agreement between the SDF, the coalition and Turkey, and to the implementation of its provisions, they have carried out many steps in this regard, such as the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the removal of fortifications and handed over to military councils.

Al-Assi explained that "there are no specific dates or figures for the number of patrols or soldiers or a program to run them." He pointed out that the International Coalition is authorized on this subject because it is the main partner on the ground in the fight against terrorism.

As for the coordination mechanism regarding patrols, Al-Assi said, "The mediator in the agreement (the International Coalition Forces) gives us advance knowledge of the date of entry, number and axis of the patrol. "We are coordinating with the military councils of each region."

The first patrol took place on the 9th of this month and toured the area extending from Nass Tal and al-Hashisha area in the countryside of Tel-Abyed and lasted for two hours.

He expressed his hope for the success of the agreement and the commitment of the Turkish side to it, pointing out that Turkey does not show a desire in this direction despite the actual implementation of what has been agreed upon.



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