Deir-ez-Zor women show solidarity with MP Leyla Guven

In solidarity with Kurdish parliamentarian Leyla Guven who has been on hunger strike since 88 days to lift the isolation on the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan, Women's Administration in Deir-ez-Zor city organized solidarity stand by issuing a statement.


The Women's Administration in Deir-ez-Zor organized a solidarity stand with the activist Leyla Guven in the Women's Council in al-Kasrat village, with the participation of members of the Women's Council of the Civil Council, the Education Body and the Women's Council in al-Jazzrat

Statement was issued by administrator Leyla Al-Abdullah stating: "On behalf of the women of Deir –ez-Zor and on behalf of every free woman, we stand in solidarity with the parliamentarian Leyla Guven, whose resistance has entered the 88th day of the hunger strike. We join our voice to her voice and the voice of all the resistance and heroines in the prisons of the Turkish fascism.

And Leyla Guven has proved that the will of women is stronger than the occupation schemes, which despite the impact on the world embodied the reality of women struggling free, and we as women in response to the message of the activist condemn and denounce the international conspiracy and the isolation on the democratic nation leader Abdullah Ocalan, demanding to lift the isolation and get his freedom as soon as possible



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