The northern and eastern regions of Syria have been witnessing successive sit-ins against the threats of the Turkish occupation army against the northern and eastern regions of Syria since December 13.

Dozens of women and members of the councils and institutions participated in the sit-in held under a tent in al-Jazrat town in Deir ez-Zor.

In the sit-in, many speeches were delivered, including a speech on behalf of the Women's Committee in Deir ez-Zor Civil Council by Batul al-Yousef and a speech on behalf of the Women's Committee in the Legislative Council by Malak Issa.

The speakers rejected the Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria, and considered the threats as a plot against northern and eastern Syria.

The speakers stressed that the regions of northern and eastern Syria will not be easy place for the Turkish occupation in the event of an attack, pointing out that they chose the approach of resistance against the occupiers and terrorism.

The speakers noted that the Turkish state wants to undermine the gains made by the martyrs, and added, "We will not stand idly by if any attacks are launched."

The sit-in ended with chanting the slogans that denounce the Turkish occupation and salute the resistance of the people of northern and eastern Syria.