Delegation of ENKS visits Kurdistan without disclosing the reason

A delegation of the Kurdish National Council went to Basur of Kurdistan, "Southern Kurdistan", through the Semalka border crossing, and they did not make any statement about the reason for the visit.

This morning, a delegation from the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) headed to Basur Kurdistan, "Southern Kurdistan", through the Semalka border crossing.

The delegation that crossed the Semalka crossing included the administrative official of the Administrative Office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria Muhammad Ismail, member of the Presidency in the Council, Fasla Yusef, Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Equality Party, Nimat Dawood, Secretary of the Kurdish Reform Party in Syria, Faisal Yusef, in addition to the secretary of Yekiti Kurdistan Party -Syria Suleiman Osu.

Members of the delegation did not answer our agency's reporters about the reason for this visit at this time.

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