Demirtaş : AKP wants to control all segments of society

The former Head of the Peoples' Democratic Party in Turkey, HDP Salaheddin Demirtaş, said that the AKP government will disappear and that the multi-union law that aims to control the union will change.

Commenting on the enactment of a law permitting government trusteeship of the unions associations through a statement, Demirtaş  confirmed that "the Justice and Development Party wants to control all segments with such legal arrangements, and that it even wants to eliminate the lawyers who were near the polls to secure the voting process."

Demirtaş  is one of the rivals of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in two presidential elections, has been in detention since November 2016. The Supreme Constitutional Court confirmed on June 19 that the arrest of Demirtas for a long time constituted a violation of his rights.

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