Described-as-important meeting takes places between PYNK and Swedish delegate

Salih Gado, the Secretary of the Democratic Left Party in Syria, confirmed that the Swedish delegation confirmed its support for the Kurdish internal dialogue, and that representatives of the Kurdish parties indicated the importance of Sweden's position that rejects Turkish violations in the region, and the necessity of continuing relations, especially on the political level.

Gado’s statement came after the meeting that brought together representatives of the (PYNK) and the Swedish Foreign Ministry, which was held in Qamishlo this evening.

Within a series of meetings held by the delegate of the Swedish Foreign Ministry with the Autonomous Administration military institutions NE Syria, it met parties of the (PYNK) at the Democratic Union Party headquarter in Qamishlo city. The delegation finished its visit by meeting the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Swedish delegation included "the head of the delegation, the special envoy for the Syrian file in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Per Ornius, the humanitarian file and assistance official, Thomas Marcus, the consultant at the European Institute for Peace, Avin Getten", and representatives of the PYNK included "Al-Dar Khalil, Nasreddin Ibrahim, Salih Gado, Sama Bekdash, Asya Abdullah, Muhammad Mussa, Jamal Sheikh Baqi."

The Swedish delegation arrived in the NE Syria regions last Saturday via Semalka Border Crossing, and held meetings with a number of Autonomous Administration institutions and civil society institutions, and visited the shrine of martyrs and the leadership of the SDF.

Regarding the importance of the meetings, Gado described it as "extremely important and positive", given the position of the Swedish delegation's representatives on the project of NE Syria in management and defense in the region.

"We focused on two main axes, namely the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, and the necessary Swedish support for the region at various levels, in addition to evaluating the positive attitude of the Swedish government towards NE Syria. We paid special thanks to the Kingdom of Sweden for its stance towards Turkey violations in NE Syria regions." he said.

"Our meeting was successful, and we stressed the necessity of continuing relations between the two parties, visits and dialogue, and we sought Sweden's support for the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and the region."  He added.

It is expected that delegation is visiting the parties of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) tomorrow morning, according to the head of the Swedish delegation, Ornius.



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