Despite lack of capabilities Kurdish red crescent provides its service to refugees

Amid the total absence of international organizations and the lack of health assistance to the displaced, the Kurdish Red Crescent is providing assistance and health care to the displaced in the shelter schools in the city of al-Hasakah.

The Kurdish Red Crescent has warned of the disastrous situation of forcibly displaced people from areas occupied by Turkey in northern and eastern Syria, which number more than 300 thousand people have been displaced so far (since the beginning of the Turkish attack), and suffer difficult conditions, there is no shelter, nor adequate medical services.

Kurdish Red Crescent medical teams are working around the clock to provide health care to displaced people in shelters, the Kurdish Red Crescent also provides surgical operations for displaced people free of charge.

The coordinator of the Kurdish Red Crescent in the city of al-Hasakah Joan Saeed, told the Hawar news agency (ANHA) that it "Since the beginning of the Turkish offensive, the Kurdish Red Crescent has been working to provide medical care for the displaced, although some of our points have been targeted by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries."

Saeed noted that they have set up mobile clinics to visit all shelters schools in the city of al-Hasakah and its villages, to follow up the health of the displaced and care for them, "We are also processing medical points in Washo Kani camp, and all sections will include children, women and others."

Saeed pointed out that some IDPs need surgery, "Therefore, we coordinate with hospitals to perform operations for free."

On the difficulties faced by the medical teams of the Kurdish Red Crescent, said Joan Saeed "Our medical points are being bombed by the Turkish occupation state, and the Turkish occupation state violates international laws and prevents us from helping civilians."



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