Despite sanctions, Turkey receives more oil shipments than usual from Iran

Iran continues to defy US sanctions by sending more oil shipments to China, Turkey and other countries, the New York Times reported.

An investigation by the New York Times reported, published by al-Arabiya .NET that China, Turkey and other countries receiving oil shipments from a number of Iranian tankers are larger than usual.

Since May 2, and the tightening of US sanctions on Iranian oil exports, the investigation has been traced by seventy Iranian tankers.

As a result, 12 of them carried oil from Iran's ports and delivered it to China and the Eastern Mediterranean, where it was bought by Syria and Turkey.

According to the study, the flights of Iranian oil ships can be divided into six vessels that transport oil to end-buyers in China and six other ships to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Several Iranian carriers after crossing the Suez Canal stopped reporting their locations, but the shipping data show that they are unloading their cargo in the eastern Mediterranean, according to approaches, the most accurate destinations are Turkey and Syria.

The National Iranian Tanker Company, which is targeted by US sanctions, has 11 of the 12, while the latter is registered in Hong Kong.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: "We have a good knowledge of where these ships are moving. Wherever we find violations we will do our utmost to address them fully and comprehensively. "

US sanctions have had a major impact on the Iranian economy. Tehran's oil exports have dropped from 2.5 million barrels per day to 500,000 barrels only, but they have not tarnished exports as Washington had hoped.




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