Donors conference to support Yemen starts with contribution of $ 1 billion

The Donors Conference in Support of Yemen kicked off in Geneva on Tuesday under the auspices of the United Nations, where the United Nations called for contributions to the conference.


The donor conference to support Yemen under the auspices of the United Nations was launched in Geneva on Tuesday. The United Nations called on Member States and governmental and non-governmental institutions to contribute to the conference in order to support the Yemeni people.

The UN's "Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen" in 2019 revolves around five key priority goals: helping millions of people overcome hunger, while the second goal is to reduce the spread of cholera and infectious diseases.

The third objective is to enhance the dignity of displaced families, while the fourth is to reduce the risk of displacement and violence against civilians. The fifth objective is to maintain the capacity of public sector institutions to provide basic life-saving services.

The United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lize Grande:

"On February 18, the United Nations and its humanitarian partners launched Yemen's Humanitarian Response Plan, which seeks $ 4.2 billion to provide life-saving assistance to 21.4 million people this year."

She added, "This is the largest single humanitarian appeal for Yemen ever called," she said. "Four years of continuous conflict have contributed to turning Yemen into the worst humanitarian crisis of our age."

The third donor conference is sponsored by the United Nations, Switzerland and Sweden, with the presence of UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, Federal Chancellor Simonetta Sommaruga, and a large number of ministers and officials from around the world, with the participation of Yemeni Prime Minister Moin Abdulmalik.

Abdulmalik said in his speech to the conference that the Yemeni government is trying to alleviate the humanitarian crisis, reminding the international community of the practices of the Houthis who deliberately loot humanitarian aid.



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