Education in Berxwedan camp initiates soon

The Education Committee of the Democratic Community in Berxwedan has equipped schools for students to rehabilitate the educational sector after the attacks of Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Afrin canton.


The attacks of Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against Afrin canton forced thousands of Afrin residents to flee to al-Shahba canton.

The Autonomous Administration in Afrin canton in cooperation with al-Shahba administration has established Berxwedan camp to house the residents, the Education Committee of the democratic community initiated to organize the educational sector in the camp.

According to the statistics of Education Committee of the Democratic Society, 53,100 students were deprived of the education right due to the occupation attacks, and the statistics include all school levels including universities and institutes in Afrin.


The camp currently houses 3,000 civilians, and 9 tents have been equipped to serve as schools. According to the committee, the curriculum will be taught with two languages "Kurdish and Arabic, mathematics."

Each tent accommodates 20 students, and currently there are 407 primary and 51 middle school students.

The official opening in the camp will begin next week, from 8.30 am to 11.30 am.

Fadel Jawish the administrator in the Education Committee said that 25 teachers were in the camp and were ready to teach students, "Turkish occupation is working to include the Turkish language in Afrin schools, which is a threat to the future of children and obliteration of Kurdish culture," Javish appealed to UNICEF to support them to complete the education of children in the camp.

Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched a large-scale military operation against Afrin canton with Russian approval on 20 January, displacing thousands of Afrin residents, the education sector was the hardest hit, not to mention the martyrdom of hundreds of civilians and injury of other hundreds.

Democratic Autonomous Administration of Afrin canton, in coordination with al-Shahba canton administration opened Berxwedan camp for residents of Afrin canton in Fafin district of Ahras district.



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