Egyptian parliamentarian calls for revision of trade agreements with "hostile regime" in Turkey

A member of the Egyptian parliament called on the authorities to review the trade agreements signed with Turkey, which he described as a "hostile regime" because they could harm the country.


Egyptian parliamentarian Fawzi al-Sharabasi called on the Ministry of Industry and Trade to review trade agreements signed with Turkey to avoid any damage to the country.

"There is blatant hostility from the Turkish state to Egypt, which is hostile, and we must therefore review all our trade agreements with them, but not to the detriment of our interests," Sharabasi said during a meeting of the Industry Committee at the parliament session in the presence of Industry and Trade Minister Amr Nassar.

The Minister of Industry and Trade responded, calling for the distinction between the Turkish economy and the political system, pointing out that businessmen and money in Turkey constitute support for Egypt in many parts and an effective means of pressure on the regime there.



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