Emergency meeting to be held by South Korea after North Korea's missile launch

South Korea's presidential administration held an emergency meeting of senior security officials in the country after North Korea fired its missiles on the east coast toward the Sea of Japan.

The spokesman for the presidential administration Kim Jong, said that it held an emergency meeting of senior security officials in the country following missile launch on Saturday, stressing that the participants are monitoring the current situation and exchanging information closely with the United States.

South Korea's armed forces chief said that Pyongyang had launched several missiles, ranging from 70 kilometers to 200 kilometers, and the Pentagon said on Saturday it could not confirm the reports of the missile launch, but would study.

It was the first time that North Korea had fired missiles since it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile in November 2017 before announcing the completion of its nuclear power building .

The summit between the United States and North Korea, which was held in Hanoi on 27-28 February, ended without the signing of the joint document that had been planned in advance, as described earlier in the White House timetable, which was expected to be signed at the Hanoi Summit to agreements aimed at nuclear disarmament and the strengthening of regional peace and improve relations between Washington and Pyongyang, but the US president pointed out that the parties also postponed it.



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