Erdogan's popularity is declining as criticism of his government increases

Opinion polls in Turkey confirmed the decline in the popularity of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, amid widespread criticism and voices opposing his government's policy in several files.

After a local poll (conducted by the Pulse of Turkey Foundation) a few days ago showed the votes of the ruling Justice and Development Party led by Erdogan for the fifth consecutive month, compared to the rise of the votes of the traditional opposition parties, and the new parties founded by dissidents from the Justice and Development.

Another poll, conducted by reliable research firm Metropole, from June 10 to 26, confirmed that the ruling party received 30 percent.

Compared to a previous survey by the same company last March, Erdogan's support fell 3.9 percent.

It is noteworthy that the Pulse of Turkey Company, which conducts monthly polls about the popularity of political parties in the country, in its turn published the results of the statistics of the past 5 months, which showed that the ruling party continued to decline from last February, as follows, 33.9 in the month of February, 33.7 in March, 32.8 in April, 30.7 in May, and 30.3 in June.

These results come after increasing criticism of the Turkish government in a number of files related to freedoms, the arrest of journalists, as well as what was recently published about seeking to restrict freedom of social media, as well as the decline of the economy during the past months, which contributed significantly to the decline in the popularity of Erdogan and his party inside the country, except on dealing with the Corona crisis.



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