Escalation in Syria after diplomatic rounds, huge reinforcements of Turkish army east of Euphrates

Syria is experiencing tension after many diplomatic rounds, where the regime relies on the air force in the battles of Idlib, while the Turkish occupation forces and mercenaries  gathering forces on the borders of the regions of northern and eastern Syria, quietly after European meetings and Gulf with the Autonomous Administration.

This morning, the Arab press touched upon the tension and escalation in Syria and the Turkish situation.

Al-Arab Newspaper: Damascus betting on the air force to break the defenses of the factions in Idlib

On the battles in Idlib and the failure of the regime there, the newspaper said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Friday noted that air strikes targeted cities not previously covered in the bombing in north-west Syria, and that the strikes killed three people in Idlib and three in Marat al-Nu'man two of the largest cities in the region.

Nine people were reported to have died elsewhere in the area. Syrian government forces, backed by Russia, have been waging a major offensive on the enclave in the northwest since the end of April.

"More than two months after the start of an attack by Syrian government forces with Russian support in the province of Idlib and in its vicinity, Assad has not gained a little gains, and this is a rare case of a military campaign does not go as it wanted since Russia intervened in the war in 2015."

Observers attribute this situation to Turkey, which focused on the battle by supporting jihadist and Islamic groups militarily and logistically, Idlib is the backbone of the Turkish strategy in northern Syria, controlled by Haiet Tahrir al-Sham with the radical factions. "

But this will not go on for long as the air force is clear that Damascus and Moscow see fit to break the factions' defenses  despite the fact that its human cost is very high and may expose them to further international pressure. "

Al-Quds al-Arabi: huge reinforcements of the Turkish army in the east of the Euphrates after the movements of Saudi Arabia - UAE in the region

Alquds Alarabi newspaper : Turkish mobilization on the borders of the regions of northern and eastern Syria

 "Surprisingly and calmly, without political statements and far from the media, the Turkish army continues for three days to send huge military reinforcements to various areas of the Turkish border with Syria, in response to areas controlled by the Kurdish People's Protection Units east of the Euphrates River.

"These sudden moves come after news of the expansion of Saudi Arabia and the UAE movements in areas controlled by the Kurdish units east of the Euphrates River, and provide more financial and military support as this move comes in conjunction with the expectations of the approval of some European countries on Washington's request to send ground troops to northern Syria to replace US forces following the decision of US President Donald Trump to reduce the number of troops there. "

The Turkish sources also talked about "calling Turkey to the leaders of the military factions of the Free Syrian Army and the" Syrian National Army "to the capital Ankara to hold meetings there, in conjunction with the lifting of the readiness of these factions in areas of al-Bab and Jrablos, controlled by the Turkish army west of the Euphrates River, holding meetings with tribal leaders and civil organizations in those areas. "



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