EU rejects Iran's ultimatum, expresses concern

The European Union rejected the deadline given by Iran to the signatory states to the nuclear agreement on their obligations and expressed concern.

"We are concerned about the statement made by Iran on its obligations under the joint comprehensive action plan," a joint EU statement and the foreign ministers of Britain, Germany and France said. "We will remain committed to maintaining and fully implementing the agreement ... in the security interest of all."

"We call on Iran to continue to implement its commitments in accordance with the comprehensive joint action plan as it has done so far and to refrain from any escalation steps."

"We reject any deadlines, and we will assess Iran's commitment to its performance in terms of commitments under the Common Comprehensive Action Plan and the Non-Proliferation Treaty," the statement said, calling on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to monitor Iran's compliance with its nuclear obligations.

"I regret that the United States will impose sanctions on Iran after its withdrawal from the nuclear agreement," the statement said, calling on "countries that are not parties to the joint comprehensive action plan to refrain from any actions that impede the ability of the other parties to fully meet their obligations."

They also affirmed their determination "to pursue legitimate trade with Iran, including through operationalization of the special purpose vehicle ‘Instex.’"


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