European countries "regret" that US ended sanctions waivers on Iran

France, Germany, British has expressed their regret from US decision about delaying exemptions on its sanctions against Iran's nuclear program

Today, France, Germany and Britain criticized the United States' decision to end exemptions from sanctions that allow work on Iran's nuclear sites designed to prevent the development of weapons.

"We deeply regret the decision of the United States to end the exemptions," the three European countries said in a joint statement.

The European countries added, "These projects, which were approved by the United Nations Security Council No. 2,231, serve the interests of all non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and provide the international community with guarantees of the peaceful and safe nature of Iran's nuclear activities."

She clarified, "The JCPOA is a major achievement of the global nuclear non-proliferation structure, and it is currently the best and only way to ensure the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program, and for this reason we have worked continuously to ensure the full and effective implementation of the obligations under the JCPOA, particularly the return

The exemptions allowed Russian, Chinese and European companies to work on converting Iran's Arak heavy water reactor, provide enriched uranium to Tehran's research reactor, and transport spent fuel abroad.



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