European MPs elect new president to their parliament

The new European parliamentarians are to elect a new president on Wednesday after an agreement on the distribution of high-ranking positions among leaders of the 28 EU member states.

The new European deputies, who took office on Tuesday after a brief opening session in Strasbourg, will vote at 9:00 a.m. (07:00 GMT) on Wednesday in a secret ballot to elect a speaker to succeed Italian Antonio Tajani, who belongs to the right-wing European Peoples' Party.

German Manfred Weber, chairman of the European Peoples' Party, the largest bloc in parliament, and the candidate who did not win the presidency of the European Commission confirmed that he was "ready to support" the candidate of the Social Democratic Group (the second block in parliament).

The four-candidate list, published on Tuesday night, does not include any candidate from the European Peoples' Party.

The four candidates are Italian Social Democrat David Sassouli, a European MP ten years ago, German environmentalist Ska Keller, Spanish Serra Rigo, who belongs to the far left bloc and Czech Governor Jan Zahradil.

And the presidency of the Parliament, which has set its mandate by two and a half years of positions being contested and sought by the major European political blocs to share, although less important in its view of the President of the European Commission.

European leaders Tuesday reached an agreement on key figures of EU leadership. They chose two women for two main posts - German Ursula von der Lien and European Commission president Christine Lagarde - to head the European Central Bank

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel inherited the presidency of the European Council, which includes the leaders of the 28 countries, while the name of the Spanish socialist Josep Borrell is expected to take over the foreign affairs of the Union, replacing Federica Mugherini.

But for von der Lien, European lawmakers should approve her appointment at a meeting scheduled to take place within two weeks.

The candidate for the Presidency of the Union is supposed to obtain an absolute majority of votes, to win the office.



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