Experts: No one knows about ISIS more than Turkey ... their relationship is intertwined

American experts and researchers said that Turkey's smuggling of an ISIS family from Al-Hol camp confirms that the Turkey-ISIS intertwined relationship. They pointed out that Turkey's actions is something completely wrong, and mocking international agreements regarding defeating terrorism, and disrespecting for the NATO.

The official Turkish media and spokesperson for the Justice and Development Party in Turkey revealed that the Turkish intelligence managed to smuggle a Moldovan ISIS consisting of a mother and her 4 children from Al-Hol camp, 45 km east of Al-Hasakah city.

On this, ICSVE director, Ann Spicard, told Hawar News Agency, "Over the past years, the International Center has held numerous meetings with about 240 ISIS members, including princes from ISIS who have been working with the Turkish military and intelligence."

"Turkey participated in supporting ISIS"

The American researcher added: "Turkey has long participated in supporting ISIS, by allowing more than 40,000 foreign fighters to cross from Turkey to Syria."

Spicard stressed that Turkey allowed the ISIS to pass to Syria, as well as it concluded agreements with ISIS on the water supply that allows for electricity generation and admitting  ISIS mercenaries atTurkish hospitals.

"During an incursion in the fall of 2019 in northeastern Syria, Turkey claimed that the SDF is a terrorist group, but the Turkish-backed rebels acted as terrorists," Spicard added.

They have killed civilians and carried out many human rights violations similar to what Turkish-backed rebels did during the occupation of Afrin, and bombed SDF camps and prisons, causing more than 950 women and children, many of whom have fled to territory controlled by the rebels Turkey and some of them to Turkey. "

"Turkey did not respect the International Coalition and NATO forces."

Speaking to our agency, Spicard also indicated that she "Now, Turkey is bragging openly regarding the illegal smuggling of a Moldovan citizen and her 4 children from Al-Hol camp to the areas controlled by Turkey, in a way that is far from respecting the ICF that include many NATO countries. "

Spicard promised that Turkey's actions is something completely wrong, mocking international agreements regarding defeating terrorism, disrespecting NATO, and the United States that leads the anti-ISIS coalition by helping in the escaping of ISIS mercenaries from camps and prisons in northeast of Syria.

"No one knows about ISIS more than Turkish intelligence."

In response to a question by our agency about the extent of the Turkish intelligence relationship with IS mercenaries, Michael Rubin, a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), said: "No one knows ISIS more than Turkish intelligence, because the two parties have interrelated relations."

He explained that "It is a close relationship, especially during the ISIS control of Mosul."

"The international community knows that Turkey's relationship with ISIS is widespread, but some diplomats ignore Turkey's playing around, believing it is very important to get rid of ISIS, but behind the scenes the free fall of Turkey's reputation is a recognition of the lack of trust of officials in Turkey," Rubin concluded.

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