Explosions inside a military base in occupied Cyprus from Turkey

 An official in the separatist northern part of the island of Cyprus said, occupied from Turkey, on Thursday, that explosions rocked an ammunition depot after a fire broke out in a military area, some people sustained minor injuries from flying glass.

The separatist Northern Cyprus Foreign Minister, Kordet Osirisay, wrote on his Facebook page that the area had been closed as the explosions continued in the military zone east of Kyrenia, a historic town on the northern coast in an area popular with tourists.

"Unfortunately, a fire broke out in an ammunition depot in the military area east of Kyrenia and there were a series of explosions," Osirisay said, adding that authorities had secured the area and police had asked citizens to stay away.

In the same context, the Turkish Ministry of Defense, which occupies the region through more than 30 thousand troops, said the fire was extinguished and it was not clear the initial cause of the explosion, which occurred at about 1:30 am (22:30 GMT). An investigation team had begun its work.

CNN Turk showed huge explosions and plumes of smoke rising in the sky over the area.

Turkey invaded Northern Cyprus in the 1970s in response to an Athens-engineered coup seeking to unite the island with Greece.

After the Turkish occupation, Northern Cyprus declared itself an independent state on 15 November 1983, but was recognized only by Turkey.



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