Expressing condolences for 2 martyrs' families in al-Tabqa

A delegation from the Democratic Civil Administration(DCA) of al-Tabqa and the Martyrs Families Council presented a duty of condolence to the 2 martyrs of the Syrian Democratic Forces who had been martyred in al-Bagouz.

The delegation included a number of members of the committees and directorates of the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa and dozens of fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces and YPJ as well as a number of families of martyrs in the region.

The ceremony was dedicated to the families of martyrs Abdelkader Darwish, whose nom de guerre Abu Ammar, the martyr Mahmoud Barhu whose nom de guerre Mahmoud Tabqa, in the village of Safsafa adjacent to the city of al-Tabqa from the east.

After holding a moment of silence, the co-chair of Martyrs Families Council, Abdul Karim Ibrahim, began his speech by commemorating the martyrs who woven the threads of freedom for the peoples of the region and added "Today, thanks to what they have presented to this nation, we have shown the world our will, and liberated our land with the blood of our sons who established the reality of defending the homeland. "

At the end of the funeral ceremony, the martyrs' documents  were handed over to their families amid slogans that glorify martyrs.



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