Families of Imrali detainees submit requests to meet clients

The family of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the families of other detainees in Imrali have submitted a request to the Turkish Public Prosecution in Bursa to meet them in prison.

Leader Abdullah Ocalan's brother, Mohamad Ocalan, and lawyer Mazloum Dînç went to the public prosecution in Bursa, Turkey, and asked to meet him in Emrali prison.

Among the families of the other detainees; Amin Konar brother of Omar Konar, Hamili Yildirim's brother Polat Yildirim, Wessi Aktaş’s sister Maliha Jettin and his daughter Ilam Jettin as well as their lawyers and filed a request with the Public Prosecution to meet with their families.

It is noteworthy that since August 12 this year, families of the detainees have not been allowed to meet them in Imrali prison.

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