Final statement of donors conference Beirut: Lebanon's friends not to fail Lebanese people

The closing statement of the International Donors Conference for Beirut and the Lebanese People affirmed that "the international community and Lebanon's closest friends and partners not to fail the Lebanese people."

The statement added: "The Beirut explosion that struck the city in its heart was like a shock to the entire Lebanese people and to its friends and partners abroad. The participants in the conference stood in solidarity with Lebanon, and expressed their heartfelt condolences to the residents of Beirut. They also praised the remarkable courage shown by the first responders and crews." Medical and search and rescue teams, all the Lebanese and international teams sent to help the victims and provide emergency efforts, including the Red Cross and the Lebanese Civil Defense. "

The statement declared that "the participants decided to work firmly and in solidarity to help Beirut and the Lebanese people overcome the consequences of the tragedy of the fourth of August, and agreed to mobilize important resources in the coming days and weeks in order to meet the immediate needs of Beirut and the Lebanese people. According to the United Nations assessment, there are clear needs in particular in the medical sector." In the health field, in the educational field, in the food sector, and at the level of urban rehabilitation, these axes will be given priority within the international emergency aid programs.

The President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for his initiative to hold a hypothetical conference to support Lebanon after the disaster of the explosion in the Beirut port with the United Nations. He also thanked brotherly and friendly countries for their speed to help Lebanon.

Aoun stressed that "meeting the needs after this disaster is very great, and we must speed up meeting them, especially before the onset of winter, when the suffering of the citizens who are without shelter will increase in light of all these stressful conditions."

Noting that justice alone can offer some condolences to the Lebanese, he renewed his commitment that "no one is above the roof of the law, and that whoever is proven involved in the investigation will be held accountable in accordance with Lebanese laws."

He stressed that the management of the financial donation fund to be established should emanate from the conference.

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