Fire engines deployed today to extinguish 6 fires in Tel Hamis

Firefighting teams in Tel Hamis area on Friday extinguished six fires that broke out in scattered areas, which destroyed hundreds of hectares of farmers' lands.

The fire engines of the Municipal Committee for Municipalities and Environmental Protection did not spare efforts on Friday due to a number of fires in different areas of Tel Hamis, where the teams strived to extinguish the fires, still they faced obstacles because of the long distances between the fires.

The villages that were set on fire were the village of Zubaydah in the town of Jaza'a, Husayyeh Saghira village, the village of Hudaybiyah in the town of Okaz, Shura village of the town of Tal Hamis and the village of Qara' al-Tamash in the town of Abu Jaran, fires have claimed hundreds of hectares of villagers' livelihood which they have been waiting for over the year.

Since the beginning of the harvest season, dozens of agricultural land in the area of ​​Tel Hamis has been exposed to fires that have consumed thousands of hectares until the moment, while the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria and the security forces that saboteurs fabricate these fires trying to hit the economy of the region and harm the people.


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