Firefighting teams put out a fire in Tel Hamis before it widens

The firefighting teams in the area of ​​Tel Hamis managed to put out a fire before it spread in the town of Abu Jern, south of the district, after taking the necessary measures to prevent the outbreak of fires by the administration and the people, and firefighting teams are placed near the areas where the harvest is located.

A fire broke out this afternoon in the lands of the village of Bilqis, east of the district of Tel Hamis, and fire brigades and the Emergency Committee intervened and managed to extinguish it and prevent its spread.

An estimated 5 dunums of barley was burned.

At the beginning of the harvest season in the regions of the north, east and Syria, emergency committees were formed whose tasks were to intervene urgently to put out fires that broke out in agricultural crops. These teams contributed greatly to preventing the spread of fires.


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