French intelligence report: Turkish company to train Accord factions

Africa Intelligence, a French company close to several Western intelligence services, has published a report on the work of the Turkish military "Sadat" company, and signed a contract with a security company run by the Libyan Brotherhood leader Fawzi Abu Kift.

Under the title "The Turkish Military Sadat Company turns Erdogan-Sarraj alliance into a job opportunity," the French website published that the Turkish paramilitary "Sadat" company has signed a partnership with the Libyan security company to train the forces fighting alongside Accord Government.

The report confirmed that the Turkish security company had been trying for several months to win military training contracts in the wake of Turkey's extensive intervention in Libya.

According to the report published by the website, the "Sadat" company operates under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence service.

The report also stated that the "Sadat" company could use its skills to train the Syrian mercenaries that Turkey sent as reinforcements on the Tripoli front to repel the Libyan army, according to the terms of the defense agreement signed by al-Sarraj and Erdogan last December.



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