French protests launch again

On Saturday, protestors of the "Yellow Vests" have taken to the streets to renew their protests in Paris and other cities, after 3 months of protests


New protests are being organized by "Yellow Vests" on Saturday, 15 February, in Paris and other cities, which was launched since 3 months against the President Emmanuel Macaron's reformist policies.

In Paris, mobilization will continue throughout the weekend to mark the three-month anniversary of the protests.

A call on Facebook page, widely circulated, was called "disobedience movements" and "closing of Najmeh Square for as long as possible" on Saturday.

Besides, another move on the social media network is popular, where calls were made to move on Sunday in the same venue to a "peaceful" demonstration.

The Paris police warned that it "does not rule out that during these two days' informal gatherings and the formation of uncontrolled processions," asserting that it will deploy "appropriate number of troops" to ensure the security of the French capital.



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