From Libya ... Turkish Defense Minister talks about return and permanent stay

In defiance of the international community and Libyan sovereignty, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar inspected his country's soldiers in Libya, launching provocative statements in which he talked about "Turkish sovereignty, returning after the ancestors' withdrawal, and staying forever."

This came during a visit by Hulusi Akar to Turkish soldiers in Libya on a visit to a Turkish warship off the Libyan coast. He also visited the Maitika Military Hospital.

The Turkish Defense Minister said: “In the sea, on land, or even in the blue homeland, wherever we have sovereignty, we do all the duties we have. We have with the region a common history spanning 500 years .. Our grandparents withdrew from the region, but we will do everything that is necessary to do it for justice and right and within the framework of international law. We will stay here forever with our Libyan brothers, "he said, referring to the Fayez al-Sarraj government that supported its militia, Ankara.

He added: "No one doubts our position or thinks that we will retreat from it," noting the ongoing Turkish aggressions against the eastern Mediterranean countries, saying: "The Turkish naval forces in the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black Sea are doing all their duties in the best way." By doing this, you are doing your duty to protect the security and benefit of your country. "

Akar continued to challenge the international community, saying that "everyone should understand that there will be no solution in the region that excludes Turkey," he said.

In his statements he invoked the "Turkish Cypriots", as a justification for what Turkey is doing against the Eastern Mediterranean countries, saying: "Turkey has the right of the guarantor in Cyprus. Therefore we will pursue and protect our rights and the rights of our Turkish Cypriot brothers in the region, and we will not allow anyone to touch our rights and benefits in Region".



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