FSP needs to take several steps in Al-Raqqa to spread concept of democracy

The Co-chair of the Al-Raqqa Canton Council of the Future Syria Party, Abdullah Al-Shibli, indicated that the party’s task in spreading the concept of democracy in Al-Raqqa is not easy but not impossible, stressing that there is a constructive complementarity between the party and the Autonomous Administration that has been able to prove its success, especially in the city of Al-Raqqa.

During the previous periods of Syria rule, Al-Raqqa suffered from an administrative and political exclusion that made this city and its people far from political life except through the vision of the one party that ruled Syria for decades.

After the liberation of Al-Raqqa from ISIS mercenaries and the establishment of the Future Syria Party in 2018, the party had to take a quantum leap in political life and create a political party elite from the city that can optimally spread democracy and support the institutions of the Autonomous Administration.

To talk about this issue, Hawar News Agency met with the Co-chair of the Al-Raqqa Council of the Future Syria Party, Abdullah Al-Shibli, who thinks that democracy is a philosophical and political term meaning the rule of the people themselves. He talked about the absence of this concept in the Middle East, and its people did not possess any kind democracy because of the one-party rule, including the Baath party, which banned the parties and political pluralism.

The task of spreading democracy is not easy but not impossible

Al-Shibli continued his speech to affirm that: "The political task of the party is not easy, but at the same time it is not impossible, as the coming days will carry political victories for northern and eastern Syria in general and for the Future Syria Party and the city of Al-Raqqa in particular."

He added that: “After the liberation of the city, its people began to search for a better life at all levels, including the political level. The Future Syria Party came to add the democratic character to political life, with a constructive internal system capable of attracting all Syrians until reaching a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria. As a party goal and an essential item in any meeting, conversation, or political meeting that the party conducted or called for. "

Al-Shibli explained that: “The party has conducted several events, meetings and dialogue seminars with the aim of finding a key to entering the minds of all Syrians, attracting new members from all segments of society, and establishing a public ground for the party that can provide it with conscious and politically educated human cadres to enrich its work and build its political hierarchy.”

Adding: "The party has held several activities aimed at exposing Turkish crimes and international conspiracies for dividing Syria."

Regarding the obstacles, Al-Shibli said: One of the most prominent obstacles is lack of acceptance of a new political thought in Al-Raqqa, that was absent from political life due to the security mentality of the former ruling authority.

The party is working for more political representation outside the Syrian territories

Al-Shibli noted: “The Future Syria Party is still working on more political representation outside the Syria and in international forums to transfer the party’s ideology and the Autonomous Administration project, and that it is not a divisive project for Syria, but rather it was found to strengthen the unity of the Syria and give more opportunity to the people of all regions in managing their regions. "

At the end of his speech, Al-Shibli confirmed that there is a constructive complementarity between the party and the Autonomous Administration, which was able to prove its success, especially in the city of Al-Raqqa, where it was able, within a rather short period of time, to restore the cultural and human splendor of a city that had been subjected to the most heinous intellectual attack by ISIS mercenaries along with the great deal destruction caused by these mercenaries to the city of Raqqa.

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