German-Iranian meeting on nuclear agreement, differences between Iran, America

The German Foreign Minister Haikou Mas arrived in Tehran for holding talks with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday in the framework of intensive European efforts to maintain Iran's nuclear deal with world powers and defuse tensions between the United States and the Islamic Republic.

A German diplomatic source confirmed that Mas would meet with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif and Rouhani today to discuss the nuclear deal and the conflict with the United States.

At the weekend, during a brief visit to Iraq on his way to Tehran, Mas warned of the dangers of any conflict with Iran over the entire Middle East. He said Europeans were convinced it was worth trying to maintain the nuclear deal with Iran.

Mas said he would confirm during his talks his concerns about Iran's activity in Syria and Yemen.

In the same context, the Iranian Foreign Ministry's spokesman Mahmoud Moussaoui criticized European countries signed the nuclear agreement for 2015 because of their failure to save the agreement after the withdrawal of US President Donald Trump from it last year and the resumption of sanctions against Tehran.

According to Reuters, Moussaoui said, "So far, we have not seen practical and concrete moves from the Europeans to ensure Iran's interests. Tehran will not consider any issue outside the scope of the nuclear agreement."

Abbas stressed that Iran did not adopt a mechanism to avoid the sanctions "Instex" in dealing with Europe till now, stressing that the European actions came too late. "The Islamic Republic believes that the parties that have signed the nuclear agreement must abide by the limits of their commitments," Moussaoui said.



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