Girê Spî's intellectuals: We reject any Turkish role in buffer zone

A number of intellectuals in Girê Spî canton rejected any Turkish role in the buffer zone being discussed in northern Syria.

Talks about the establishment of a buffer zone in northern Syria have returned again, after statements by US officials, but it is not yet clear the features of this region whether or not it will actually be established, and who are the supervisors.

Turkey is trying to take control of the region to be established in light of regional and global rejection, as the Arab countries show their rejection of any Turkish role in the region in addition to Washington's reservation on the participation of Turkey in supervising the region.

In addition, the political and military leadership of the north and east of Syria rejects any Turkish role in any safe area under discussion. The administration of this region emphasizes that there is no need for a safe area as long as their areas enjoy security and stability, noting that the international coalition or United Nations forces can supervise the safe area if necessary.

The intellectuals rejected the Turkish role in the buffer zone

A number of intellectuals in Girê Spî(Tal Abyad), the northernmost of Syria on the Turkish border, confirm their rejection of any Turkish role in any safe area being discussed.

"Turkey does not has the right to intervene in Syria or to participate in overseeing the safe area under discussion," said Mohammad Ayyash, Head of the Union of Intellectuals in Girê Spî canton.

"Who is attacking the border between Syria and Turkey? Is it Turkey or is it the Syrian people?" Ayyash asked.

"The people of the north of Syria did not violate the border and did not fire a single shot at Turkey, because the people of this region respect neighboring Turkey as a people with whom they have a close relationship."

At the end of his speech, Ayyash saw that the wall, which Turkey had built years ago on its borders, was sufficient to protect it, and confirmed that the real aggressor is the one who abuses the border and seeks to enter the other party illegally, referring to the Turkish side.

Turkish demand is rejected ... Turkey is the gate of evil!

"Erdogan's policy will not undermine the will of the people," said Omar Mohammed, treasurer of the Public Finance Department of Girê Spî, "There is one thing called the good-neighborly relationship between the Turkish and Syrian peoples, we have no enmity, Turkey must stop its aggressive practices, it is fighting an unarmed people. "

"Turkey is the gateway to evil for Syria. If we go back years, we will see how Turkey was behind the attempts to spread the sedition in our region," said Turki Khalil Khalil, an accountant at public finance at Girê Spî adding "If Turkey wants to protect its national security, it must protect its borders no more. Turkey should not deceive the world opinion that what it does is in the security and interest of the Syrian people. Everyone knows that its goal is to occupy the Syrian territory."

Rohlat Ahmed, who is the heads the Finance Committee of Girê Spî canton rejected Turkey's demand for a safe area, saying it was "unacceptable to the people and the administration" and that the United Nations should not allow it.

She explained in an interview with the Hawar news agency that Turkey aims to divide the Syrian north to expand its geographical borders at the expense of the people of the region.



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