Hajin municipality launches service projects to encourage the displaced to return

In order to encourage the people of Hajin town to return to their homes after liberating Hajin from mercenaries, People's Municipality in Hajin launched a project to improve the service situation in the town and serve 76 thousand people.

The town of Hajin was destroyed, like the rest of the Syrian cities, which witnessed conflicts as a result of booby-trapped traps and landmines that filled its streets. After the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated and secured the town from mines, the People's Municipality was formed in Hajin which launched nowadays four service projects to encourage the people who are still displaced in various areas of northern and eastern Syria to return.

Projects are as follows:

- Project of forensic medicine: a project aimed at retrieving the bodies scattered randomly and documenting and burying them in the legitimate graves, and about 35 bodies have been recovered from the rubble and the streets so far.

- Project for the removal of rubble: The project is concerned with the removal of earth mounds and rubble from the town and about 200 m3 are transported on a daily basis.

- Drinking water distribution project: This project was launched due to the discontinuation of all the water stations in the area. The municipality distributes daily the water after sterilization and to ensure its safety to all the houses of the town.

Waste disposal project: One of the most important works of the municipality is the removal of random garbage dumps in the city and their transfer to dedicated dumps to prevent the spread of insect-borne diseases from random landfills such as leishmania and other diseases that often affect children.

It is worth noting that many of the people of the town of Hajin had returned to their homes at various times after liberation, but many have not returned to their homes yet because of lack of services.


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