Hamed al-Faraj: Turkey exports its internal crises, supports Muslim Brotherhood in Libya

The head of the clans of al-Welda and the co-chair of the Legislative Council in the al-Tabqa Hamed Abdul Rahman al-Faraj attributed the reasons for the Turkish intervention in the region to direct and indirect reasons related to strengthening the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood project in the region.

The head of the clans of al-Welda and the co-chair of the Legislative Council in the al-Tabqa Hamed Abdul Rahman al-Faraj spoke to the Hawar News Agency about the Turkish threats against northern and eastern Syria.

Al-Faraj refuted all Turkish allegations about its security, which it marketed as an excuse to attack northern Syria. He cited, for example, Turkish intervention in Libyan affairs and support of extremist factions there.

Al-Faraj mentioned the incident of the shooting down of a Turkish drone in the Libyan airspace in late June, which targeted residential neighborhoods in the outskirts of the capital Tripoli, which resulted in a number of wounded and dead civilians. It was not the first time to mention the military and logistical support and training received by extremist militias in Libya by Turkey and Qatar, according to al-Faraj, are documented and presented by most news agencies.

Al-Faraj also highlighted the support of the Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) for the Justice and Building Party of Libya, which was founded with the fall of the Muammar Gaddafi regime, which since its birth was known to be inclined towards the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the motive behind Turkey's intervention in Libya, especially after the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and before their overthrow by a military coup by the Egyptian army.

On the other hand, al-Faraj said that Turkey, represented by the ruling Justice and Development Party, is currently relying on exporting of the country's internal crises and directing the public's attention abroad to cover its economic and political deficit, especially after losing to the municipalities of Istanbul and Ankara and put the country face to face with NATO and America, which has already begun to impose sanctions on Turkey, the first was to deprive Turkey of the F35 program and the expulsion of the Turkish pilots who train on the plane mentioned above from America.

With regard to the recent Turkish threats to the northern and eastern regions of Syria and Turkey's attempt to revive the glories of the Ottoman Empire and its expansionist dreams, al-Faraj said: "This is impossible, stressing that all clans and all components in Syria rejects this blatant occupation and these interventions in the neighboring countries by the Turkish occupation, pledging to liberate the entire occupied territories, Afrin and Jrablos and al-Bab and Azaz. "



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